Lazy load background images with jQuery

Background images can be confusing - they don't have a load event so can't be lazy loaded in the typical way. Here's a simple solution. Read More

Simple expanding text area with read more button and CSS3 transition

Create a simple expanding text area with these little snippets of jQuery, HTML and CSS. Read More

Add a document icon to document links

Here's a simple cross-browser compatible way to prepend an icon to any document links using jQuery. Read More

Simple jQuery accordion

Need a simple jQuery accordion without all the bells and whistles? Here you go. Read More

Prevent fixed left-hand navigation from colliding with the footer using jQuery and CSS

So you've just set up some fixed left-hand navigation using 'position: fixed' in your CSS. This work great except when you scroll to the bottom of the screen and it over/underlaps with the footer. What to do? Read More

Sticky nav on scroll using jQuery and CSS

Need your navigation bar to switch to a sticky nav once the user scrolls beyond the header? Here's how. Read More

Create a click/tap dropdown menu from a simple nested list

Here's a bit of jQuery for creating a simple click/tap triggered custom dropdown menu from a nested list. First, we detect where the user clicks. If the area clicked has a parent menu class we disable its default action and then give it an 'open' class while simultaneously removing the 'open' class from all other parent menu class elements. Simples. Read More

Make scrollbars visible in Chrome and Safari on Mac

Scrollbars are hidden in Chrome and Safari on Mac, which can be confusing for many users. Here's a simple solution which is also cross-browser compatible with FireFox and Opera on Mac and PC. Read More

Strip out empty paragraphs from WordPress content

Here's a handy little function for stripping out empty paragraphs in WordPress content. Thanks to Steph, Helpful Technology MD, for this one. Simply add this to functions.php and enjoy the restored beauty. Read More

Link directly to a tab in Bootstrap

Here's a couple of simple scripts to allow direct linking to tabbed content using Bootstrap 3 tabs. This assumes your tabs are using Bootstrap's 'nav-pills' for navigation. You'll need to change the target class if you're using a different style navigation. Read More