The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Stories website was created to accommodate long-form articles shared by the FCO on social media. Rather than a traditional site with a home page, each article exists as a stand-alone piece.

I worked solo on this project with the help of a delivery lead. The site was built using WordPress’s Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Each story is made up from various modular content blocks — copy blocks, pullquotes, galleries, images, videos. From the back-end, content creators can customise these blocks and quickly drag and drop them into position in order to create custom page layouts. A ‘sticky’ navigation bar is automatically created with jump links leading to each block if the publisher so chooses.

I began work by looking at the kinds of articles and media the FCO planned to share and examples of existing long-form treatments on the BBC website and elsewhere. From here I moved into sketches and wireframes nailing down the various block types the client needed. I then moved into static front-end templates, and eventually WordPress templates loaded with real content. Further tucks and tweaks were performed at this final stage following light user testing.

A view of the back-end showing various Advanced Custom Fields repeater blocks with different options: